Airport liner to out of Yamagata City

Convenient airport liner! Tell me more!

With reservation, available anywhere in designated areas of Higashine, Tendo, Murayama, Sagae, Kahoku. We will provide transportation to or from popular areas outside of Yamagata City, within the designated area. Please remember that reservation is required.

Please note:
You cannot choose a route without Yamagata airport.
Airport liner does not run without reservation.
Travel time may depend on other passengers.

Operating Schedule

From the airport to your requested place

Departure time
: Approximately 15 minutes after your arriving flight.
Departure point
: Outside the front entrance of the Yamagata Airport Arrival Lobby.
: Please pay upon boarding.

From your requested place to the airport

Arrival time
: Approximately 40 minutes before your departing flight.
Departure point
: Please request when you make a reservation.
: Please pay upon boarding.
Please note:
You cannot choose a route without Yamagata airport.
Airport liner does not run without reservation.
Travel time may depend on other passengers.


Area Fare Bus stop Time Company reservation
Higashine 500yen Sakuranbo Higashine station About
10 minutes 
Higashine Transit
Jimmachi Taxi
(Up to one hour before you use)
800yen Central area, Omori industrial park About
(by 17:00 on the previous day)
800yen Higashine onsen
Tendo 800yen Tendo station east gate
Central area
Prefecture general athletic playground
(ND soft stadium)
7 industrial parks
Araya west,Tendo inter)
Tendo Taxi
Yamako Hyer
(by 17:00 on the2days ago)
Murayama 800yen Central area・Kanaya industrial park Marushinkensetsu
Tateoka Transit
(by 17:00 on the previous day)
Sagae 800yen Sagae station north gate,
Central area,
Chuo industrial park,
Jionji,Cherry land, Sagae service area
Chuo Taxi
Sagae Taxi
Kahoku 800yen Central area, Yachi industrial park,
Donga civic hall,Hananoki industrial park
Hayama Taxi
  • Elementary school student: Half price of adults fee.
    Ages between 1-6 years old: Free for one accompanying adult each.
    Ages less than 1 years old: Free.
  • Handicapped passengers: Half price of adults/children fee.
    Applicable to eligible passengers and one accompanying nurse each. When using it, please present eligibility identification.








Do we need a reservation?

Yes, this is only available for reserved customers. Please contact by 17:00 on the previous day.

I would like to pay with credit card.

We are sorry but only cash is acceptable.

Can you provide the receipt?

Yes, please ask the driver when you take a ride.

What is the capacity of the airport liner?

<In Yamagata city>9 people.
<Out of Yamagata city> Usual taxi size.

What if flights are delayed?

Airport liners can be rescheduled according to flight changes.

Can the airport liner deliver customers to hotels or other destinations?

This service is available, depending on the location. Please confirm when making your reservation.
*Within the red line area. Pick up time is automatically arranged by the reservation center.
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